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Brady Arnold
Welcome to the official website of Brady Arnold music!  Here you can listen to music, read lyrics, look at photos, watch videos, and so much more!  Have a look around, see what you can find, and maybe consider donating if you listen for free through any of the sites / apps where the music is available.
About: Brady Arnold is an indie musician, singer, songwriter making home recordings since 1992.  The style of music is progressive, rock, pop, industrial, and experimental.
Brady Arnold - Official Site

BradyArnold.com is Back!!! (June 10th 2019)

At long last the battle for the domains is over!!!   BradyArnold.com has finally been turned back over to me and I can start to rebuild the official site!  This would have never happened in the first place if web hosting companies weren’t so scammy!   Head on over to: http://www.bradyarnold.com and keep checking back as I will be re-building through June and July of 2019!

BradyArnold.com Has Been Poached! (January 28th 2018)

I would like to send a big thanks to http://www.bravenet.com for letting domain poachers have the first crack at registering my domain name bradyarnold.com. Feel free to send http://www.bravenet.com your kind words concerning this incredible dick move!  I can’t be blamed as I’ve been checking the domain availability every day around the clock so that I could re-register it to my wordpress account. This is how I know they let the poachers have the first crack at it.  I guess I should have paid the first ransom to bravenet to have the domain transferred.

Seeing as I’m the world’s most unknown recording artist, I’m not going to bother with paying the ransom to the poachers. After all, I didn’t need a gentlegiant.com, shylock.com, 10cc.com to discover those artists (not that they even own those domains). For the foreseeable future my official site will be here at: https://bradyarnoldmusic.wordpress.com/ so be sure to update your bookmarks. I do not want to start any gofundmes or shmoshmundshems in order to get up the ransom as I refuse to fill the coffers of any price gouging cyber thugs.

Remastering The 90s Tapes (December 20th 2017)

Howdy Kiddies!  I’ve begun to remaster the 90s tapes, and so far the sound is way better than it was the first time around!  I’m also going to change the running order to be chronological across all 3 volumes.  After I had put out the first volume of the 90s tapes back in 2011, I didn’t expect there to be any other tapes surfacing.  But of course once I did, other stuff started surfacing and so I ended up with three volumes not in chronological order!   Now that I’m sure I’ve got everything that can be gotten, I’m going to go ahead and put everything back out remastered and in the right order.

This is how the volumes will be arranged:  Volume 1 / 1993 – 1995, Volume 2 / 1996 – 1997, Volume 3 / 1997 – 1999.  Yeah I was at my busiest in 1997!   I don’t feel like I have momentum lately when it comes to working on new stuff, so it looks like 2018 might be a year for remixing and remastering.  I’ve already got a few things (besides this project) on the board for me to tackle.  Welps, I can’t think of anything else to say about this so see ya on the flip-side!

Marketing Genius?  (January 11 2017)

So recently I had the chance to run an ad on top music sites like Rolling Stone, MTV, etc but something started to concern me. I became worried that no one would click the ads simply because I look like every other douche bag artist using a serious pose, and a cliche song title. I know I wouldn’t click on an ad that had a real (serious pose) picture of me using a song title like “Show You My Love”. I thought about what type of an ad I would actually click on, and this is what I came up with! Now that’s an ad I would click!
I was thinking it was a long-shot that the ad would actually be approved, but holy shit they (reverbnation) actually sent the ad out like that!!! I went on rollingstone.com (disabling my adblock) and started to hit refresh until it happened…. Ha ha ha ha!!! YES! IT WORKED!!! Maybe just maybe if people clicked through they would play the other songs and hear that I’m not that bad, who knows. I’ll post more if this actually goes somewhere…. Stay tuned.

A New Ice Age is Coming…  (January 6 2017)

Here is the makeshift studio where I just finished cutting the tracks for a new version of “Haunting”.  It is soon to be released on a mostly re-recorded version of Ice Age!  Something about the production quality of the original never sat right with me so I’m back at it again trying to get it right.   Too bad I lost those original multitracks like so many others.  Oh well, at least I remember how to play this shiz…   Over and out.  -B

I’m Virtually Live! Again!  (December 1st 2016)

Here is my second set of “virtually live” tunes recorded over the summer of 2016.  Highlights include an abridged version of side two of Old World, and Snowblind from the Ice Age LP.   This is also a youtube video series so look it up!

Track List:

01. Photos and Images
02. Zounds
03. Time Lines of Space
04. Undersurface
05. Dance Into the Sun
06. Resurfacing
07. Redreaming
08. Snowblind
09. Move On

Thanks for looking!  -Brady

CD’s Are Finally Becoming Available!  (November 26th 2016)

Compact Discs are now available for the following Brady Arnold titles:  ExistenceIce AgeAnti-HumanThe 90s TapesPrimal DistortionsOld WorldCreatures of the Attic, The HologramInner Turmoil96 Soundtrack  Links will click through to my album pages, once you’re there just click on the disc icon to be taken to the CD ordering page.

The company in charge of manufacturing, selling, and shipping these is CreateSpace.com (an Amazon company) so you can relax knowing you’ll have a safe ordering experience.

All CDs include four panel booklets with liner notes and pictures, professionally printed discs, and two sided tray cards with additional album cover artwork.  Also your CD will arrive fresh in store bought shrink wrap!  I’ve had discs made by this company before, and I’m confident in their work.

Thanks for looking!


New Album Out! Alternate Takes 2  (November 24th 2016)

Here it is, the 2nd installment of Alternate Takes! This one features a few tracks that didn’t make any of the 90’s tapes volumes. They sound so much better being synced up with newer versions, which expands the overall sound! Because of that, I feel more secure about finally releasing these particular songs.

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