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The United States of Unconsciousness

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Available on: Compact Disc / iTunes / Spotify / Bandcamp / Youtube (coming soon)

Track List:

01. Multicomplexidelirium
02. Michelle
03. Fading Fast
04. Are You Coming Back?
05. You Need it Too
06. Painless
07. Distraction
08. Don’t Fall Inside
09. Stranded

This was my first album to be recorded on 16 tracks! This album is definitely more pop-rock than earlier prog-rock / experimental recordings of mine. I was trying to reflect the uptight climate of that time. Recorded from May of 2000 to April of 2001 on 16 tracks digital.

Available Album Artwork

Note: All CD sleeves are full bleed meaning they will run over the edges slightly.  These all should print out at actual CD size, but for best results you should scale them up in a CD cover making program before printing.