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Lost in the Haze

If you frequently listen for free, then please consider donating. Even a dollar goes a long way! Thanks.

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Available at: Bandcamp / Youtube (coming soon)

Track List:

01. Brand New Day
02. How Does it Make You Feel?
03. Don’t Let it Show
04. Silver Sands
05. Pay No Mind
06. Lie to Me
07. It’s Gonna Get Better
08. Out of Order
09. Out of the Blue
10. Hold Me
11. Is it Any Wonder
12. Silence is Golden
13. Get Over It
14. I’ll Be Alright
15. No Mans’ Land
16. I Believe
17. Love of My Life
18. Playing the Game
19. You Know What I Mean
20. In the End
21. Show Me
22. Saving Grace
23. That’s the Way
24. Hold On
25. New Horizons
26. Home Sweet Home
27. Another Day
28. You Drive Me Crazy
29. Shot in the Dark

An experiment of soundscapes, tones, and digital tweaking. A great album to put on and zone out to.

Available Album Artwork

Note: All CD sleeves are full bleed meaning they will run over the edges slightly.  These all should print out at actual CD size, but for best results you should scale them up in a CD cover making program before printing.