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Late Night Faith

If you frequently listen for free, then please consider donating. Even a dollar goes a long way! Thanks.

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Available on: Bandcamp

Track List:

01. 8 Bit Speed Run
02. The Smoldering Remains of the Fire
03. Late Night Faith
04. New Familiar Sensation
05. Thaw, Refreeze, and Repeat
06. Opening the Box
07. Pleasant Dreams
08. Waiting at the Station
09. Half Winter
10. Eternal Poetry
11. Silent Lumens
12. Sudden Loneliness
13. Jumping a Train
14. Silent Beauty
15. Slow Sunset
16. Atomic Clock
17. Secret Connection
18. Putting An End To Passion
19. Out in the Fields
20. Selfish Mind

My secret studio is a new album series in which I can finally release additional material under which I had initially put out under different artist names. Songs from this album were originally released under the artist names: Vik Grandersen and Theta Vision.

I started a bunch of these sessions back in February of 2017 just building simple song ideas on super quartet, edirol orchestra, etc. I decided at the time for the sake of efficiency to keep these tunes on their simple VSTs and not try to create instrument stacks with big productions. Just simple general midi instruments that have a sort of video game soundtrack feel to them :o)

Recorded in February and March of 2017.