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Dissonant Relaxation

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Note: This album is now consolidated into the “Instrumentals Collection Volume 2” set list for all major streaming platforms and online stores except bandcamp, youtube, and amazon disc.

Available at: iTunes / Spotify Bandcamp Youtube.

Track List:

01. Tranquility
02. February Day
03. Hazy
04. Relax Mr. Wilson
05. Distant Voices
06. Two Minutes in Heaven
07. Mellow Dream
08. Winding Stream
09. Fresh Snowfall
10. A Warm Day in Winter
11. Over and Done
12. February Night
13. Slow Motion
14. Dissonant Relaxation
15. Champagne Angel Eyes
16. Frozen
17. The Slow Moving Winter
18. Take a Breath
19. Time to Forget
20. Mountain Drive

I don’t listen to much of my own stuff, but this one is an exception. It really captures the spirit of winter. Recorded using looping guitar, and keyboard lines which don’t always fit together in a harmonious way. Recorded very quickly in early February of 2015.

Available Album Artwork

Note: All CD sleeves are full bleed meaning they will run over the edges slightly.  These all should print out at actual CD size, but for best results you should scale them up in a CD cover making program before printing.