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Fragments of Lost Emotions

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Available on: Bandcamp

Track List:

01. Fragments of Lost Emotions
02. A Dream of Olga
03. A Rush of Autumn Air
04. 8 Bit Funk
05. Search Parties in the Night
06. Always Running in Dreams
07. Daymares
08. A Blaze of Colors
09. Flying Over Our Town
10. Greasy City
11. Driving the Grey Seaside
12. More Intensity and Stuff
13. Can't Hold Heaven
14. Eternal Gaze
15. A Me Is Just A Me
16. Lying on the Frozen Ground
17. Can't Stop the Future
18. The Morning Never Comes
19. Ducking the Disorientation
20. A Broken Sanctuary

My secret studio is a new album series in which I can finally release additional material under which I had initially put out under different artist names. Songs from this album were originally released under the artist names Nocturnal Roxy, Neon Town, Manic Vertex, Secret Nightshade, Hashtag Browns, and NOrpm.

Recorded and programmed from July to November of 2016.