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Fatally Fantasizing

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Available on: Bandcamp

Track List:

01. A Slice of Pi
02. We Shall See
03. Daily Medications
04. Driving Sideways
05. Nightmare Circus
06. Incomplete Picture
07. Lord of the Fourths
08. To Capture a Moment
09. Killer at the Door
10. Hazy Sky Fate
11. Track Switch
12. Body Snatchers
13. On the Altar Stone
14. Horror Movie Theme
15. Decomposing Tribulations
16. Fatally Dreaming
17. Raven at the Window
18. Fatally Fantasizing

My secret studio is a new album series in which I can finally release additional material under which I had initially put out under different artist names. Songs from this album were originally released under the artist names: Acid Pro, Base 12, Cynthia Scissors, and Strange Wood.

All music created from November of 2015 to May of 2016 by: Brady Arnold.