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Available on: CD / iTunes Spotify Bandcamp Youtube

Track List:

01. The End is the Beginning
02. The Trade
03. You Don’t Exist
04. Circle of Ice
05. Looking Outside
06. Atonement
07. Pass My Eye
08. Stay With Me
09. Pass Me By
10. Locked Inside
11. Beyond it All
12. Dead Girl Walking
13. Firing Line

Description: A dark concept album about life, death, denial, and regrets.   Lines between fantasy and reality are blurred when a digital life becomes confused for a real one.  A dark fantasy takes hold which puts prisoner 0164 on the firing line!

Written, performed, and produced by Brady Arnold from July 2015 to October of 2016. Most of the music for this album came out of improvisation sessions.

Recorded with the following instruments: Roland TD20 V-drums, Yamaha DTX502 electronic drums, Fender and Samick basses, Washburn Maverick electric guitar, M-Audio Keystudio midi controller, Technics digital grand piano (midi-controller), and EV cardioid condenser vocal microphone.

Recorded with the following virtual instruments, and software: Sony Acid Pro 7.0 (recording software), Addictive Drums (all drum sounds), Cakewalk Z3ta synth, Native Instruments FM7 FM8 synths, N.I. Pro 53 synth, Arturia Arp2600 synth, Arturia CS80 synth, DSK Choirz synth, N.I. Guitar Rig (live guitar effects), Cakewalk Sonor effects suite, Platinum Waves effects suite, and iZotope Ozone for mastering.

Available Album Artwork

Note: All CD sleeves are full bleed meaning they will run over the edges slightly.  These all should print out at actual CD size, but for best results you should scale them up in a CD cover making program before printing.