So why did I quit doing music as Brady Arnold?  It was because of a lack of support (people not buying albums, spreading the word, or at least commenting to thank me for all the free music) that I decided to end the thing just last year.  Don't get me wrong, it's not about the money, although that can still be used as a measure of success / demand.   Also, after the youtube incident, when I really started to go into battle mode, it got me thinking: Is this really something worth fighting for considering that very few people appear to give a shit?   Well, if that's the case then why should I give a shit?   In fact I should just finally free myself, and get rid of this thing once and for all!

I then came to the pathetic realization that in a seven year period of really trying hard to promote my music, I could not see any noticeable growth in listeners above 10 people.  That really bothered me that I couldn't even get more listeners than fingers on my hands despite all my involved efforts.  Seriously, I would spend whole days just working on promoting the music for the better part of a seven year period!  Thanks for listening to me from within your closets!  

The only way I would come back (hint) is if there is an actual demand for my music, significantly more so than the revolving door of the usual 10 listeners.  I did more than my share already, and I am done.  As for going through the effort of re-uploading everything?  Sorry, but I'm not re-uploading anything that was for the most part underappreciated as far as I could tell.   I've already received the message loud and clear, and have moved on.   

But what about future generations?  No one knows even 5 minutes into the future, so what about it?   Even if someone from the future were to visit me to prove that my music eventually becomes more shared / appreciated, I would still have to ask:  But does any of this happen while I'm still alive?   If the answer is no then I would tell them thanks, now get the fuck out, I'm not interested.   If I'm not reaping the benefits in this life, before I die then what's the point?  Why should I make something only for people in the future to enjoy?  What does that do for me in the now?  

You can call me selfish, I don't care, the point is it's my life, and you can't expect me to act according to your wishes.  I removed myself as a potential public figure, and no longer am obligated to the demands of my 10 listeners.  All I can say is stop being entitled and accept the fact that it's over.  I am however serious about what I said earlier.  I would restore everything, and come back if enough interest / demand could be created.  I'm talking bum rush!  My social medial would have to be inundated daily with requests to re-upload my music, and to make a return.  They say anything is possible, but I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks for listening, for your interest, and hopefully for seeing things through my eyes.